January 15-February 9

Before January 15: Read Foreward, Preface, and Chapter 1
Join the online group, feel free to post a “hello” note and where you are joining from.
Monday-Friday will be online discussion days, Saturday-Sunday will be for worship and reading

Week 1: Discussion of Foreward, Preface, Chapter 1
Week 2: Discussion of Chapter 2-3
Week 3: Discussion of Chapter 4-5
Week 4: Discussion of Chapter 7, Epilogue, Etc.

WELS Women's Ministry

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What’s the Plan?
Please borrow, order, or download a copy of 2000 Demons: No Match for My Savior by E. Allen Sorum, available through NPH or other online book sellers.

This study will help you start the new year with an opportunity for regular personal study combined with the opportunity to connect with women from around the country. We will read about two chapters per week, with one or two questions being posted daily to the online group between Monday and Friday. Feel free to respond with your thoughts and questions to these discussion questions. We will encourage each other and build each other up in our knowledge of our Savior and his infinite power over evil.

Hosted by Corissa Nelson, together with WELS Women's Ministry
Good Shepherd’s Pastor: Marques Nelson 

Small Group Idea: Because connecting with other Christians face to face is so valuable, you could also consider an in-person small group for this study at your home or church. Connect with a couple ladies over coffee, discuss your observations and questions as you read, then check back in with the discussion group to share your small group's comments or questions.

Our next study will be:

Starting April 9.

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Week 1- Acts 1-2 and introduction
Week 2- Acts 3-7 witnesses in Jerusalem
Week 3- Acts 8-12 witnesses in Judea and Samaria
Week 4- Acts 13-15 first missionary journey
Week 5- Acts 16-20 2nd and 3rd Journey
Week 6- Acts 21-28 Paul's witness spreads to Rome