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Sunday Morning Bible Study

Why attend a Bible Study?

So that God can bless you even more!
So that you can be a blessing to others.

•    Grow your faith through God’s word
•    Learn how to apply God’s wisdom to your life and relationships
•    Get to know other members as we chat in small groups
•    This is the ground level of planning our church’s future
•    Grow with us as we continue to grow in unity
•    Disciple your kids by modeling a life of faithful study
•    Be an encourager
•    Be encouraged
•    Learn from the life experiences of others
•    Pray for each other weekly
•    Play games sometimes
•    Eat treats most times 

It is the prayer of the leadership team that every member has the opportunity to be blessed through Bible study at Good Shepherd this year. Visitors welcome!

Christ in the Family - Join us for a new 6 week family Bible study during September and October 2017. Come and learn how having Christ as the center of our family life makes all the difference in our relationships! This study is geared for teens, parents, singles, grandparents - the whole family!

The Lord Builds the House
Family Roles
Family Devotions
Bad Company, Good Character
The Death of a Loved One

Sunday School starts at age 3. On Aug. 27, you will have an opportunity to explore Sunday School at our Open House. Tour the "new" classrooms, meet the teachers. Learn about our updated program! Classes start Sept. 10