Hello! Welcome to Good Shepherd.


Good Shepherd is a network of people just like you who live throughout the Corridor. We gather together around the Bible’s message of forgiveness and grace. We have a relationship with God because Jesus has made us part of his family, and it is our mission to connect with families throughout the area to share encouragement for daily life and hope for eternity.


Worship Schedule

Sunday 9AM
Thursday 7PM

Worship in the season of  Lent (6 weeks leading up to Easter)
Ash Wednesday Feb. 14, 7 PM
Feb. 22 - Mar. 22 - Thursdays 7 PM

Easter is Sunday, April 1

sunday Bible Study

Wels Women's Ministry online bible study


LIttle Lambs Playgroup

A New Mission

a fun free kid event!

One Church, One Message, Now Gathering at Two Locations

CEDAR RAPIDS: Worship & Bible Study, Family Activities & Events

NORTH LIBERTY: Bible Study, Family Activities & Events, Worship Coming Soon

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